Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rival 8550-X 5-Quart Wooden Electric Ice Cream Maker

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The Rival Company Model# 8550-X 5-Qt. Deluxe Ice Cream Maker
5 QT, Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker, Auto Shut Off When Ready, Includes Recipes, High Quality Wood Bucket.

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While this wooden ice cream maker looks old-fashioned, it's actually electric, taking the arm work out of the whole process. In just 20 to 40 minutes, the maker produces up to five quarts (approximately 40 servings) of ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt. The high-torque motor shuts off automatically when freezing is complete. All that's required is rock salt, ice, and the desired mixture of any flavor (a recipe booklet is included). The Rival ice cream maker consists of the motor unit, a 10-by-11-1/2-inch wooden bucket, a metal ice cream can with plastic lid, a cork stopper for the hole in the lid, and a plastic dasher with a metal shaft. A latch system secures the motor unit to the bucket, and a 45-inch cord allows good reach to a power outlet.
To make good old vanilla ice cream, spiced cider sorbet, frozen strawberry yogurt, and many other tasty treats, the mixture is poured into the metal can, the dasher inserted, lid placed on, and motor unit engaged with the dasher shaft. The dasher does not turn during the freezing process; rather, the can turns around the dasher. Layers of ice and rock salt inside the wooden bucket around the can keep the temperature low enough to freeze the mixture. In case of leakage through the wooden bucket, it's a good idea to have newspaper or a plastic tub underneath. To harden ice cream, the dasher is removed after churning is complete, the cork stopper inserted into the lid, and ice and rock salt are packed over the entire can for a couple hours. All the parts except the motor unit should be washed and dried by hand. Rival covers the ice cream maker with a one-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

Customer Reviews
"Motor" 2010-02-18
By Rachbug (Minnesota)
It makes good ice cream but the motor is a little weak. We don't use it very often so I don't believe it should be warn out already...good buy for the price though.

"ice cream maker" 2009-12-23
By Jean Peveto (Texas)
I couldn't find any ice cream freezers in the store, so I checked around on the internet and founf one at Amazon with free shipping. Received it very quickly and it will be a gift for my son and his wife for Christmas. Thank you for the quick service and I will be ordering from you again.

"poor product" 2009-09-27
By John
I have to agree with a number of other reviewers here. The wooden bucket leaks. The only way I could make ice cream at all was to put the whole thing in my kitchen sink & fill the sink with water. That way the brine had nowhere to leak to. The paddle shaft/motor interface is terrible. It started to strip the first time I used it. Yes, I had aluminum shavings in the ice cream, too. With very careful assembly, I was able to use it 3 more times--then I grew frustrated & threw it out. Your money is better spent on a quality ice cream maker.

"Frustrating machine" 2009-09-14
By John Sharp (Atlanta, GA United States)
After roughly 10 bouts with this ice cream maker, I tossed it in the trash this past weekend. The primary issue is the poor quality of the plastics in the join between the motor and the lid on the canister. After the very first use, the plastic on both began to grind down creating poor contact. By the fourth use, it was essentially useless.

"this ice cream maker sucks!" 2009-09-01
By Gerald Gutheil
With six little kids standing, watching this machine with anticipation and the beater in the machine not turning because of a design flaw is disappointing to say the least. Never the less we tried it again with the same results. Oh well I've been fished in before!